Quality Assurance Model

Surface protection film of 3 layer of 70-100 microns

PVDF coating 30microns.

Top aluminium skin of 0.5mm/0.25mm/0.20mm

Dupont adhesive film of 3 layer of 70/50/30microns

Polyethylene core of 3mm/(2.5mm or 3.5mm)

DuPont adhesive film of 3 layer of 70/50/30microns

Bottom Alumnimium skin of 0.50mm/0.25mm/0.20mm

PE wash coat of 5-10 pm

Online/Final inspection

Periodic Product Performance tests

Continuous visual check

Hourly peel strength graphical analysis.

Online peel strength checking by push pull gauge periodic checking of thickness, length manually


Test Certificates

Test Report

S. No. Description Method Unit Results
1 Panel thickness Std. measurement mm 3.962
2 Panel Weight -do- Gms 76.90-+
3 Thickness of Aluminium coil Micrometer mm 0.493
4 Adhesion (peel strength) ASTM 903 N/25mm 197.64 N/25mm
5 Secular Gloss Test ASTM D 523:99 Gloss unit (G.U) Mean: 44.34
6 Coating Thickness Microns 27