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Why Pratap Bond ACP panels necessary in buildings?

ACP company in India, has made a significant contribution to the safety aspect by manufacturing quality fire retardant ACP that is both environment-friendly and user-friendly. It is an excellent replacement for asbestos cement in buildings.
Demand for Pratap Bond ACP panels is high in the indian market. The company has a strong marketing team that has invested heavily on marketing to build their brand name across the globe.
The reason why ACP panels are necessary in buildings is because they help in suppressing fire with their excellent resistance to heat, smoke and flames. The temperature of ACP panels when exposed to fire is not higher than the boiling point of water. It is this fact that makes it such a popular choice for walls and ceilings in buildings. These panels can be used on both surfaces and in between ceilings, which is why they are excellent as thermal insulation too.
Aluminium composite panel: A Superior Panel with an Unbeatable Price
ACP offers aluminium composite panel which have an unbeatable price along with features that are hard to match. Aluminium composite panel are structural grade boards that are resistant to impact, splintering and warping, making them perfect for use in various applications. They come in various sizes and thicknesses, ensuring that the client’ s needs are met efficiently and economically. In addition, Anna Coronation panels can be used for ceilings, walls and partitions. Their excellent fire rating of 60 mins makes it a great choice for use in areas with high fire risk such as factories, warehouses and commercial offices.

Aluminium composite panel Features:
• Resistant to impact, warping and splintering
• Fire rated at 60 minutes
• Structural grade board for use on both walls and ceilings
• Available in various sizes & thicknesses
• Can be used in both interior & exterior applications.

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